Saturday, November 7, 2009

Minneapolis 'Autumn Art Fair' Starts Today!!!

Ah... a beautiful fall day in St. Louis Park. The sun is shining, birds chirping, leaves all fallen and gathered for mulch on my dad's expansive garden. In other words, a perfect day for an art show!

And what a reward for the 12+ hours of driving through barren cornfields it took to get here from Cincinnati! I've got to say, I'm a big fan of using windmills for energy. Anything to break up the monotonous landscape between Indianapolis and Beloit, WI!

The four of us -- Shira (my mom), Ellen Ogman, and Nancy Daley, and I -- have set up a colorful display of jewelry and scarves, quilts, and handmade paper art. It's so exciting to see all this new work. I feel like they have all been hiding something from me, working in secret. But now it's out for all to see.

And there's nothing left to do but wake up with some coffee (out of a patented E.S.P. face mug, of course!) and wait for the crowds to come.

I wish I could come more often to do shows like this in the good ol' Twin Cities. There are a lot of people I want to see and catch up with. But man, that's one long road trip!

So you'd better get here before the rush, while all the best art is still available!


8113 Westwood Hills Dr.
St. Louis Park, MN

10-4 Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7-8.

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  1. ooooooooooh, that looks so nice! I wish I was there too!